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Dear Friend,

You've found the site that can change your outlook on life, AND
show you the path to achieving the personal and business success you want.

How often have you felt that you could accomplish more in your life, if you just had a little coaching...
or access to someone who could guide you...
or access to a training program that assures success?

Well in my years of working with scads of clients and many associate hypnotists, I recognized the need for this crucial component in their success.

Yes, you've discovered the site that is now offering a

for improving your skills in hypnosis!

Our program is so comprehensive that it is useful for both beginning and seasoned hypnotists.

We're using the latest and most advanced learning techniques...
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Review critical issues over an over again.
  • Observe actual sessions.
  • Listen in to what I'm thinking before I speak.
  • Get the 'insiders view' on "why we do what we do"
  • Learn the step-by-step techniques that assure success

Yes, you'll be inside my mind as I prepare and conduct sessions with 6 clients!
I'll share with you the clues and ques that tell me exactly how to proceed.
  • Learn the importance of the 'Pre Talk'
  • How to select the type of induction.
  • How to test for the depth of the trance.
  • How to deepen the trance anytime I feel the need.
  • How to determine the type of therapy to use.
  • When you'll know that "enough is enough".
  • How to determine how many sessions are needed.

You see, because we've embraced the latest in technology,
we thoroughly analyze each session.

We then provide you with access to our thoughts...
before, during and after the session.

We answer all your questions...
including those you forgot to ask!

Hear what
Karen Lockman
Certified Hypnotist
has to say about the
Video Internship Program

40 Seconds

We know that most folks would like to watch as we conduct our sessions.
They'd like to ask us questions while we perform our successful therapy.

BUT until now, that wasn't possible.

What's been needed is a thorough demonstration of successful therapy sessions, where we tell you what we're going to do, then do it and then comment on what we're doing...while we're doing it.
Wow, was that a mouthful.
But you get the idea.

This is the kind of information that you know will make you a success.
Presented in a format that put's YOU in charge of your learning rate.

You have a FRONT ROW SEAT to a series of powerful client interventions.

Hear what Rachel had to say about her session

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During our sessions, we cover:
  • Pretalk
  • Instant, Rapid and Super Rapid Inductions
  • Age Regression
  • Regression to Cause
  • Imagery Development
  • Child Within
  • Transformational Chair Room
  • Emotional Forgiveness
  • Self-Forgiveness
  • Self Love
  • Pre-Emergence Expectancy
  • Gray Room
  • And a whole lot more

Our digital video recordings use state-of-the-art cameras followed by significant editing to insert our comments...
So you learn what we're doing while still in the sesssion.

Hear what Cary Strycker of had to say about the
Unlocking Minds, Video Internship Program

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Finally, we've package this product so that you have what's been called the
'most comprehensive, professional' learning tool for hypnotists.
We packaged the comprehensive videos, voice overs, picture in pictures so they can be played on your PC without any special PC software.
That's right! NO need for a DVD player!!
These are PC Videos that allow you to start and stop anytime and...
randomly access any portion of the session.

Hear what Melissa had to say about her session

55 Seconds

The Order Now!is a MUST HAVE.
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